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Robert from Cambie Water Gardens can solve common Vancouver pond problems such as...

pond flower   Dirty Pond Water?
  • we recommend a thorough clean out of the pond and the installation of a biological filter
pond flower   Water Plants Not Thriving?
  • free water testing to determine what needs to be done to improve water quality
  • we can also recommend and supply specific types of plant food
pond flower   Green Water?
  • we handle sales and/or installation of ultraviolet sterilizer lamps
  • we have a wide range of lamp sizes to suit the size of your pond
pond flower   Algae Problems?
  • While string algae is the most common, we have solutions for dealing with all types of algae
pond flower   Predator Problems?
  • we can show you how to deal with raccoons, herons and other predators
For personalized friendly year round service,
Please call Robert at 604-313-3710   

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